Simplify your workflow

Whether you have 10 patients or 1000,

manage protocols and easily communicate with all of your Patients from one dashboard

Get the most out of visits

Access detailed daily history that allows you to focus on patient care rather than retrieving data from paper calendars, e-mails, and calls. 

Reduce tracking errors

With built-in symptom and dose-tracking, it's easy to review and adjust doses while ensuring your patient's schedule is accurate.

As a health provider, your time is important. 

Most of the time, providers are balancing growing the practice with giving each patient the attention they need and it can be taxing. 


For patients on Hormone Replacement Therapy protocols, your oversight is invaluable, but busy work such as copying calendars and calculating changes by hand are not.  


Start passively monitoring symptoms, notes, changes in patient health, and be able to make adjustments in a few clicks.  

Save time

Educating and setting up patients takes less time with automation.  Cut out the busy work and take back your time so you can do more.

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