App Manual for Doctors

1. Dashboard

Access all of your patients here. For each patient, you can deep dive into their calendar, profile and shared notifications. New patient requests will also appear here.

2. Patient's Calendar

Cycle day number, dosing, symptoms and notes are tracked and saved every day.  As the provider, you can track patient's symptoms and notes, and make adjustments as necessary to cycle days, dosing information, and calendar types.  Your calendar changes are automatically recorded in your patient's notifications and history is always saved.  

3. Patient's Calendar Day

The day view hosts most of the controls for the calendar, adjustments that are not regularly made in a cycle can be found in the profile

Repeats: Dose adjustments can be edited just for the day, repeated on the same cycle day number or for all days. 

Single Dose Changes: These are non-repeating changes on a patients dose schedule.  Single Dose Changes disappear when cycle days are recalculated for any reason (Reset day 1, changing period length)

Symptoms: The full list of symptoms is available from the dropdown.  Patients can add, change and remove symptoms for the current day and any days in the past.  Patients cannot add symptoms for future days

Notes: leave your patients a message on a day.  Both patients and doctors can leave notes. Notes can be added in the past or future, and can be changed or removed. Notes that mention the words "blood draw" will make the Blood Draw icon visible to the patient for that day

Calendar Switch:  We support lunar and personal calendars.  Lunar calendars are automatically calculated based on the Timezone set by the patient.  Lunar cycle days are locked and cannot be changed.  Personal calendars run depending on the period information provided by the patient. Personal calendar cycle days can be updated through the Patient's Profile

History is always saved, so changes in cycle day numbers and dosing are only applied going forward.

Reset Cycle Day: This recalculates the patient's cycle days going forward using the selected as cycle day 1.  Reseting a cycle day in the past won't change the past, but days in the future will be updated to match the cycle that began on this day. 

4. Patient's Profile

Information that impacts the patients' calendar, but don't apply per calendar day are found here. 

Unit and frequency: you can update the frequency and medium of the dosing, this appears in the patient's Calendar Day going forward

Average Period Length: This number is visualized by the number of days marked as Expected Bleed on the patient's calendar

Average time between cycles: This number determines the number of cycle days for the patient

Period Margin: This is the number of days in the range surrounding your target period date.  Patients who observe a period outside of this margin will trigger an unexpected period notification.  For example, if someone says that their period is 26 days and the period margin is 2 days, we can expect a "normal" bleed to happen +/- 2 days away from day 26, or rather it could happen on day 24, 25, 26, 27, or 28 and the app would consider this normal.

5. Patient Notifications

You can see all of the notifications from your patient's point of view.  This records all calendar changes made between you.

6. My Notification

Your notifications will include capture all calendar changes across all of your patients, as well as new patients on-boarding.  This can get pretty noisy, so we've added some controls to toggle certain notifications on or off in your Settings page.


7. My Settings

All of your configurations for your account are found here.  This also includes your notification settings and password management.


8. My Profile

Your profile information is visible to patients, especially during sign up.  Having a full profile can make it easier for your patients find you

Questions or Feedback?

We are always happy to hear from you if you have feedback or suggestions. 

Send us a note at and we will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

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