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The #1 bioidentical Hormone Therapy Calendar App

Whether you have been using bHRT for years or just getting started, ArtemisCalendar makes it simple to track your hormone protocol.  

With more features than ever for bHRT, try out ArtemisCalendar V1.3 today for free.

How Much Is An Hour Of Your Time Worth?

ArtemisCalendar solves the most inconvenient and time consuming aspects of using Paper Calendars for bHRT.


Fast new Patient onboarding and calendar setup based on Wiley or PR protocols. 

Automatic Lunar Calendar Cycles calculated based on your Timezone

Rhythmic adjustments will automatically re-calculate and re-copy future dosing 

Tracking history of dosing and symptoms gives your Provider complete information

Access calendars on the go, during travel whether from a mobile device or desktop

Support Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone across Lunar and Personal Cycles

ArtemisCalendar saves Patients 10 hours/month on average and only takes a minutes to get started 

First month free trial is on us.  After that ArtemisCalendar costs $5.99/mo.  Cancel Anytime.

ArtemisCalendar is not available through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

Instead Add ArtemisCalendar web app to your Home Screen in seconds:
1) In Safari, Open 
2) Click the Share icon near the bottom
3) Scroll down and Select Add to Home Screen

Once complete, ArtemisCalendar will show up on your Home screen like any other app. 
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