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A better way to manage b-HRT
Enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of knowing that your Provider can easily keep an eye on your progress, and make adjustments in real-time to meet the needs of your treatment.
Start a 30-day Trial as a Patient, No Credit Card Required.
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Your Calendar at Your Fingertips


Step into the modern world and away from the unreliability that comes with paper calendars. 

Stay In Touch With Your Doctor


Have peace of mind knowing that your doctor can view symptoms, notes and make changes in real time.

Tailored for bHRT


Track the progress of your health and record its history, allowing you be on the same page during follow up visits with your doctor.  This is the ultimate bHRT management app. 

Version 1.1 is Live!

ArtemisCalendar is now ready to help you simplify your bHRT protocols.


Whether you are a Provider or a Patient, you can sign up at 

Providers must be confirmed before they 

appear on the platform.

Patients get a free 30-day trial starting from when their Provider accepts.

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