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Get the most out of Hormone Replacement Therapy

bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy depends on proper cycle dosing, symptom logging, and Provider guided adjustments based on changes in patient health. 

Calendar makes it easy for Providers and Patients to manage protocols in real time, stay in sync, and track health trends together over time
How much is your time worth?

Most b-HRT protocols today are managed through paper calendars, which are easy to lose, difficult for Providers to track and requires recopying anytime doses or cycle days are adjusted.  On avearage, Patients also spend a full visit with their Provider to learn how to manage their paper calendars.

Get started in minutes. ArtemisCalendar will save hours of time spent on just trying to figure out if the dosing is right.

What Users Are Saying
DrProvorse Headshot.png

Dr. Rebecca Provorse, ND

"In my 17+ years of prescribing HRT and especially since the invention of healthcare applications for computers and phones,  I have been dreaming of an app that was less time-consuming and labor-intensive than paper dosing schedules and calendars.  I yearned for a program that would allow patients to chart their symptoms and monitor their HRT dosing.  The ArtemisCalendar app has arrived to fill that need!  And with the added bonus of allowing patients and providers to share information in REAL TIME.   I love being able to check a patient's current symptoms and dosing regimen at a glance.  And my favorite part of the app is the ability to reset rhythmic dosing cycles or change variable dosing with a few, quick keyboard strokes."

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to email you and thank you for this wonderful app that I have on my phone now to give me my daily doses for my hormones this has been a life changer for me it keeps me on track without no confusion I just absolutely love it and it is worth the six dollars a month. For anybody that needs to keep on schedule with her hormones needs to have this app on the phone it is a life changer and you will not regret it sincerely your patient"

- Michelle M. 

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Learn more about bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy through The Wiley Protocol© 

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