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Patients' Common Questions

Is the app free?

This app will have a cost associated with it once it is out of Open Beta development.  For now, there is no cost to use ArtemisCalendar for both patients and doctors.  All accounts that are part of the Beta will have their data rolled over into version 1.0 when ArtemisCalendar goes live.


How do I save this website onto my phone homescreen, like a traditional app?

1. Visit on Safari/iPhone

2.         Click the Share button 

3.         Click the Add to Home button

4. Complete by selecting "Add"


What treatments do you currently support?

Currently ArtemisCalendar supports tracking of Womens' bHRT Protocols, both Lunar Calendars and Personal Calendars.  We will be rolling out a Men's version in the future.


What if I'm a patient and my doctor or provider is not on the platform?

Doctors and Patients can both sign up through  If your provider is not listed, contact them and ask them to sign up for ArtemisCalendar.  You can also message us and we will reach out to them.  It's that simple.


Doctors' Common Questions

How can I join the platform as a doctor?


It's easy!  Go to and sing up as a provider.  You will need to input some information so that we can verify your credentials, and once you are approved by our admin, you can begin managing patients.  

How do you store, save and use my data?


All of your personal data is completely protected.  Our smart algorithm removes all personal information from your medical data, and is stored on a secure server.  We do not sell or use your data and information.


How do I onboard my patients?


The great thing about ArtemisCalendar is that you can onboard patients to the app, and walk them through it, right in your office visit.  Integrating the use of the ArtemisCalendar app into your visits and conversations will help patients feel comfortable and also ensure accuracy and efficiency of use. 

I'm running into issues.  How do I get help or troubleshooting?


Just like with anything new, we have to work the kinks out in our Beta development. 


If you encounter issues or challenges, please be patient with us and also please communicate with our admin so that we can address the issue you are experiencing.


Email us at to share those issues! 


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