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ArtemisCalendar: Striving to Continue Suzanne Somers' Legacy in Hormone Therapy

Published: October 19, 2023.


In the ever-evolving landscape of medical innovations, certain individuals stand out as trailblazers, reshaping healthcare and improving lives. 


Today, we appreciate the enduring legacy of Suzanne Somers, a true visionary in the world of hormone therapy, whose early adoption of this revolutionary treatment continues to inspire. As we remember her contributions, we also acknowledge the emergence of ArtemisCalendar, a company that shares her vision and seeks to make hormone therapy safer for all.


Suzanne Somers, a healthcare maverick and hormone therapy advocate, was an early adopter of this groundbreaking treatment. Her unwavering belief in the potential of hormone therapy led her to explore its benefits long before it gained mainstream recognition. Suzanne's tireless efforts not only improved her own health but also inspired countless others to explore the possibilities of hormone therapy.


With Suzanne's passing, the hormone therapy community reflected on her pioneering spirit and dedication to improving lives. Hormone therapy, while promising, still lacks FDA regulation and standardized protocols, a challenge that Suzanne Somers was acutely aware of. Many wondered if her vision for safer, more accessible hormone therapy would ever become a reality.


This is where ArtemisCalendar comes into play.


ArtemisCalendar, a company dedicated to advancing healthcare and wellness, is on a mission to carry forward Suzanne Somers' legacy by enhancing the safety and accessibility of hormone therapy. While Suzanne never directly collaborated with the company, her vision serves as an enduring source of inspiration.


One of the central challenges facing hormone therapy today is the absence of FDA regulation.  While modern applications of bHRT are safe, especially when compared to older forms of HRT, this regulatory gap means that the safety and quality of hormone therapy treatments can vary widely, potentially putting patients at risk. ArtemisCalendar recognizes this issue and is committed to addressing it.


One of the company's key initiatives is to provide tracking and monitoring solutions for individuals undergoing hormone therapy. This tracking system aims to offer transparency and accountability in hormone therapy protocols, ensuring that patients receive safe and effective treatments. By doing so, ArtemisCalendar hopes to contribute to the safer adoption of hormone therapy protocols and make them more widely accessible.


In a world where medical advancements often outpace regulation, ArtemisCalendar's commitment to improving the safety of hormone therapy is truly commendable. While we remember Suzanne Somers and her lasting contributions, we find hope in knowing that her vision for safer hormone therapy lives on through the dedicated work of ArtemisCalendar.


As hormone therapy continues to gain recognition for its potential benefits, ArtemisCalendar plays a pivotal role in ensuring that it becomes a safe and reliable therapy for individuals seeking its advantages. In this way, they honor the legacy of Suzanne Somers and work tirelessly to improve the lives of patients in need of hormone therapy.

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