Hormone Therapies are more safe and effective than ever in bringing your body back to it's youthful hormone cycle, helping you feel younger and stay more active later in life. 


One of the biggest challenges with Rhythmic Hormone Therapies is that you have to manage your daily dosages on the protocol, and the only way to do that currently is through cumbersome and easy-to-lose paper calendars.  The other challenge is that HRT patients need to keep track of their symptoms to discuss with their doctor; when you are seeing your doctor once a month, how do you remember exactly what symptom was on which day?

Now with ArtemisCalendar, our reliable, smart algorithms do the hard work of managing your protocol, keeping the important aspects of your treatment at your fingertips.  Not only will you always have access to your calendar, but Artemis also tracks symptoms and communicates in real time with your doctor, saving history and notifications along the way.  


Customizable, efficient, and clean - ArtemisCalendar is the premier way to manage your hormone protocol. 

When you register as a patient, you can see a list of registered providers as part of the process.  Ideally your provider will already be on the list, and then as soon as they accept you as a patient, you can start using your calendar.  If your provider is not listed, then you have the option of giving us their contact information, and we can reach out to them on your behalf.  Remember, you can only use the app when accepted by a registered provider.  

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

Retire Paper Calendars


Save everything to the cloud and have it with you on the go.  Never worry about misplacing calendars or copying over old symptoms, dosages and notes.  All your information is saved and easily accessible from your phone or computer.

Peace Of Mind

Relax knowing that your Doctor is always keeping an eye on your schedule. Real time notifications allow your Doctor to review symptoms, notes and make adjustments directly.

Help Improve bHRT

Committed to the sustainability and wellbeing of all bHRT patients, a portion of our revenue will help fund research to improve hormone therapies, including support of the Women's Hormone Network and various other networks.

Stay in Sync

Keep all of your dosing, symptoms and information on shared calendars with complete history.  Your visits will be more productive, and you will be able to more closely adhere to the optimal protocol.