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You can cancel your Patient Plan Subscription at any time and keep what you paid for.  You can continue using your calendar and the full functionality until when your next monthly payment is due. At the end of your billing cycle, your subscription will not be renewed and your account will become Frozen.  We do not process pro-rated or partial refunds once payment has been charged for a billing cycle.

Frozen accounts can still access past treatment information.  However, future calendar days and notification will no longer update.  You can always choose to download your treatment data or delete and close your account entirely.  If you decide to come back in the future, you can always enable auto-renew and restart your subscription. 

Doctors will see that your account has been Frozen, and won't be able to make further changes to your calendar.  This will be reflected on their dashboard where your profile will appear as a Frozen account.  Please make sure to notify your provider of your cancellation in a timely manner.

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